upscaledb  2.2.1
Data Fields
ups_srv_config_t Struct Reference

#include <upscaledb_srv.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t port
const char * bind_addr
const char * access_log_path
const char * error_log_path

Detailed Description

A configuration structure

It is always recommended to initialize the full structure with zeroes before using it.

Definition at line 46 of file upscaledb_srv.h.

Field Documentation

const char* ups_srv_config_t::access_log_path

Definition at line 56 of file upscaledb_srv.h.

const char* ups_srv_config_t::bind_addr

Only accept incoming connections from this address; set to NULL to accept from all endpoints

Definition at line 52 of file upscaledb_srv.h.

const char* ups_srv_config_t::error_log_path

Path of the error log, or NULL if no log should be written

  • currently NOT USED!

Definition at line 60 of file upscaledb_srv.h.

uint16_t ups_srv_config_t::port

The server port

Definition at line 48 of file upscaledb_srv.h.

Referenced by main().

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